Battle Of The Allspark - Transformers Movie 2 Revenge Of The Fallen Action Figure Robot Heroes Cinema Scenes Hasbro Toys

Scale: 2 Inch
Format: Action FIgure
Packaging: Window Box
Manufacturer: Hasbro

Description: The final battle for the AllSpark explodes as AUTOBOTS�* and DECEPTICONS�* descend on Mission City. Each side is determined to leave this city victorious. No quarter is given as the mighty robots bring every ounce of their power to bear on the battle. The very air crackles with the energy of their weapons as the streets are blasted to pieces in the all-out fight. Recreate exciting movie battle scenes with these fun, funky and chunky figures that pit good guys against bad guys in an all-out battle for fate of the universe! Includes Sam, OPTIMUS PRIME, MEGATRON, STARSCREAM, BUMBLEBEE and AUTOBOT RATCHET figures. Safety Warning: This product may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. We receive both US and Canadian Cases. You will get either English, bilingual or trilingual carded figures based on availability. Please understand this before ordering.