Halo 2 Limited Edition Series 2 Action Figures: Sniper Jackal

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Scale: 8 Inch
Format: Action Figure
Packaging: Blister Card
Manufacturer: Joyride

Description: Halo's Jackals� aggressiveness and intelligence make them excellent soldiers, especially snipers. While tough, Jackals have slight builds and rely on handheld energy shields in close-quarters combat. Their appearance hints at avian or reptilian heritage, but little is known about Jackals� exact physiognomy. The Jackals are unique among Covenant species. Rather than faithful followers of the Prophets� religion, they are mercenaries working for the Covenant and pay only the barest lip service to "the cause". Human encounters with Jackals have been brief and poorly documented. Rumors and fragmentary evidence point to incidents of Jackal piracy against civilian human vessels. It is assumed Jackals� Covenant masters tolerate or condone this privateering.