Marvel Legends 6 Inch Action Figure Sentinel Series - Cyclops X-Factor Variant

Marvel,6 Inch Scale,BAF Sentinel Series,Marvel Legends,Toybiz

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Scale: 6 Inch
Format: Action Figures
Packaging: Clamshell
Manufacturer: Toy Biz

Co-leader of the X-Men, cool in combat and a master of strategy, Cyclops is the one the X-Men count on to hold the team together and create a winning plan when the odds of success seem hopelessly minute. Cyclops' mutant-energy eyebeams, concealed behind his darkened visor, are so powerful that they can cut knife-like through solid steel. Exercising perfect control, he can concentrate the beams to so small a size that they can pass through a key hole without touching the sides, or alternately so wide that they can cover space the size of a football field. Noble to a fault, Cyclops easily earns a spot among the Marvel Legends.

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