Star Wars Movie Legends 3.75 Inch Action Figure (2012 Wave 0.5) - Darth Maul MH05

Star Wars,3.75 Inch Scale,Star Wars Movie Legends,Hasbro

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Name: Darth Maul
Category: Star Wars Movie Legends
Series: (2012 Wave 0.5)
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Type: Action Figure
Size: 3.75 Inch
Packaging: Blister Card

Description: Darth Maul has undergone years of demanding and brutal training under his master Darth Sidious to become an incredible Sith warrior. He demonstrates his skill by expertly spinning his double-bladed Lightsaber. He attacks with precision and ferocity, twirling the twin blades to strike his Jedi opponent.This fierce DARTH MAUL figure is rendered in careful detail to look just like the character in the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace movie! He comes with his trademark double-bladed lightsaber for all the Star Wars adventures you can come up with, and all you have to do is turn both thumbwheels for awesome SPINNING LIGHTSABER� action! When the adventure is over for the day, you can set him on his battle base to look awesome in your collection. Re-enact your favorite Star Wars battles or create brand new ones with this cool DARTH MAUL figure!Figure comes with weapon accessories, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and die.MH05 DARTH MAUL