Wonder Woman Action Figures Series 1: Agent Diana Prince

DC,DC Comics,6 Inch Scale,Wonder Woman,DC Comics Classics,DC Direct

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Scale: 6 Inch
Format: Action Figure
Packaging: Blister Card
Manufacturer: DC Direct

Description: Wonder Woman Action Figures Series 1: Agent Diana Prince Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, numbers among the most enduring of the DC heroes. Initially created as a feminist icon meant to inspire girls to believe in their own strength and power, Wonder Woman was the daughter of the Amazonian Hippolyte, a goddess-like figure who gave Diana bullet-deflecting bracelets, a magic lasso and a number of other tools she could use to combat evil. Wonder Woman shares Batman's belief in non-lethal techniques of subduing villains and for this she makes a truly honourable leader for the famed Justice League of America. This version of Wonder Woman is Agent Diana Prince, seen in DC's One Year Later continuity. After 52 Weeks, she returns as an agent of the Department of Metahuman Affairs.