Young Justice 4 Inch Action Figure Exclusive - Superboy in Cloning Chamber SDCC 2011

DC,DC Animated,Young Justice,Mattel

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Name: Superboy in Cloning Chamber
Category: Young Justice
Series: Exclusive
Manufacturer: Mattel
Type: Action Figure
Size: 4 Inch
Packaging: Window Box

Description: This show-accurate figure recreates the scene from the pilot episode when Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash discover the mysterious Project Kr, where the Light has commissioned �The Weapon.� Using Superman�s DNA � without his knowledge or consent � Cadmus has force-grown the Superboy, using telepathic Genomorph-Gnomes to make a virtual slave of Superman�s son. The cloning tank includes Superboy plus 3 telepathic Genomorph-Gnomes, and with the press of a button, the inside of the cloning tank lights up a glowing blue.

Safety Warning: This product may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.