Transformers Fall Of Cybertron 12 Inch Combined Action Figure SDCC 2012 - Bruticus

Transformers,Power Core Combiners,Deluxe Class,Transformers Generations,Hasbro

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Description: During the long, cold Cybertronian night, when AUTOBOT infantry huddle in their trenches listening for any sign of DECEPTICON attack, tales are told. Most are of home, of peace, of hopes for the future. But there are also a few dark tales, the kind the old soldiers tell the new recruits in the hope of preparing them for the reality of war. The darkest of these feature the DECEPTICON known as DECEPTICON BRUTICUS. His approach is heralded by the roar of cannon fire and the rumble of massive footsteps. The air around him ripples with the heat of his lasers, and the very ground collapses into rubble beneath his mighty feet. His fists can shatter mountains, topple buildings and crush entire squads. He is a walking DECEPTICON army, the embodiment of AUTOBOT defeat, and his name means terror to all AUTOBOTS who have seen him and lived. Many of the younger AUTOBOTS, secure in their inexperience, hope one day to see him, if only from a distance. But the more experienced troops know that such a hope is foolish in the extreme. For where DECEPTICON BRUTICUS goes, doom follows close behind. Combined from 5 separate DECEPTICON figures, this large DECEPTICON BRUTICUS figure is the terrifying DECEPTICON that all the AUTOBOTS (sold separately) fear to take on! Even when his combining figures are separate, they are almost as fierce, as they convert from robot to vehicle mode and back as needed for battle. Each combining figure has a weapon; the 5 weapons combine to form the Sonic Cannon! Combining figures include BLAST OFF, DECEPTICON BRAWL, ONSLAUGHT, SWINDLE and VORTEX. Will the DECEPTICONS or the AUTOBOTS prevail? It's all in your hands with this exclusive San Diego Comic Con figure! DECEPTICON BRUTICUS figure is a San Diego Comic Con exclusive! 5 separate DECEPTICON figures combine to make 1 large DECEPTICON BRUTICUS figure! Comes with 5 weapons that combine to form the Sonic Cannon!