Halo 3 Action Figures ArtFX Statue Series: Field Of Battle Steel Spartan

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Scale: 12 Inch
Format: Statue Figure
Packaging: Window Box
Manufacturer: ArtFX

Description: A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! With a discharged grenade at his feet and the translucent bubble shield dissipating, the UNSC elite super soldier STEEL SPARTAN readies his armaments and begins to rise. The Spartan holds two Submachine Guns, or you can switch the bonus arms and have him grip his M90 Shotgun (CAWS- Close Assault Weapon System). When not using the Shotgun, it can be stored on his back. Additional hands are also included for expression, and as a special bonus for fans that collected the other Kotobukiya ARTFX Statues, you can swap some of the weapons and hands with the other releases (Master Chief Field Of Battle, Master Chief, Blue Spartan, Red Spartan, and others)! The Steel Spartan is a Limited Edition of only 2000 pieces worldwide.