Iron Man 3 16 Inch ArtFX Statue - Iron Man Mark VII

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Name: Iron Man Mark VII
Category: Iron Man 3
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Type: ArtFX Statue
Size: 16 Inch
Packaging: Boxed

Description: From Kotobukiya! Newly reproduced with Iron Man III packaging! It was one of the most popular movie statues released in 2012. It unleashed new technology onto an excited public. Now Iron Man returns ahead of his third eponymous film with a special reproduction of the Iron Man III Mark VII ARTFX Statue! After surviving imprisonment by terrorists, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark created the Mark II armor suit. This was followed up soon after by the iconic Mark III suit used to battle Stane and his Iron Monger suit at the culmination of the first film, and the upgraded Mark IV armor in the sequel. Never one to rest on his laurels, Tony has brought his science and technology to a whole new cutting edge with the Mark VII Iron Man, the most advanced high-tech personal armor suit on the planet. Using new 3D sculpting techniques, Kotobukiya has created the finest and most exciting ARTFX statue of any Iron Man, bringing more fine detailing than previous hand-sculpted releases for a more dynamic display. Tony stands in a classic Iron Man pose, legs planted and arms held back as he fires his chest-mounted beam weapon in a devastating strike. The incredible statue comes equipped with a three-mode LED chest light-up feature: Off, Continuous On, and triggered by the built-in motion detector! Iron Man's eyes also feature continuous LED lighting in both modes. Iron Man Mark VII stands nearly 16" H (1/6th scale) on an incredible shattered concrete base that bears the marks of furious battle. This pre-painted, snap-fit ARTFX Statue is easy to assemble so you can have your Iron Man Mark VII on display in no time.