Transformers G1 Figure TRU Exclusive Hasbro: Optimus Prime (Sub-Standard Packaging)

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Packaging is non mint and may include large scuffing, creasing, dents or bends and rips on the card.Figure inside is in great condition and includes all parts and accessories.
Re-Issue Transformers OPTIMUS PRIME Convoy Generation One Commemorative Series 1 which was ONLY released by ToysRUs last year. It is currently sold out and extremely difficult to find. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, has long been the ultimate force of good in the Transformers universe. He is powerful, just and honourable and will stop at nothing to ensure that Cybertron is allowed to exist in peace. Heroic to a fault, he will do everything it takes to keep the side of good from falling to the vicious attacks of his Decepticon rival, Megatron. His alternate form a massive semi, Prime is armed with an energy blaster and shoulder-mounted weapons as well, which make him a force to be reckoned with. Product is U.S. English packaging. The packaging is not mint...there may be a ding or tear on the packaging. The figure inside is perfect and it has never been opened.