Star Wars 23 Inch Statue Figure Premium Format - Chewbacca Sideshow 300527

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Chewbacca here is first mate on a ship that might suit us. ?Obi-Wan Kenobi Sideshow is honored to introduce an all new Premium Format? Figure of everyone?s favorite Wookiee ? the mighty Chewbacca! Smuggler, Warrior, Resistance Fighter, Chewbacca?s name has become synonymous with bravery, loyalty, and strength in opposition of the Empire. A veteran of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War and the further ensuing conflicts with the First Order, he is a skilled fighter, expert pilot and much-cherished member of the Resistance. Though, perhaps he is best known as the trusty co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon, and loyal sidekick to Han Solo. Expertly crafted in loving detail, this new Premium Format? Figure captures Chewbacca?s likeness perfectly. Every inch of this limited edition museum-quality collectible, from his intricately sculpted fur to his painstakingly reproduced miniature leather-effect satchel, is so detailed that it simply has to be seen ?in the flesh? to be truly appreciated. Chewie is displayed on a highly detailed and movie accurate Falcon-themed character base, clutching his trusty bowcaster, and ready to spring into action! A must-have piece for any Star Wars collector!