Transformers Animated Action Figure Voyager Class: Lugnut (Bomber Jet)

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Scale: 8 Inch
Format: Transforming Figure
Packaging: Window Box
Manufacturer: Hasbro

Description: LUGNUT has absolute faith in MEGATRON, and that makes him one of the most dangerous DECEPTICONS®. He is a fanatic in his support of the DECEPTICON® cause, and unquestioning in following the orders of his commander. His dedication is backed up by incredible strength, and fighting skills that led to him being feared and respected across CYBERTRON™. Each punch from his powerful hands carries the force of a small bomb, so the only way to survive a fight with him is to avoid ever letting him hit you. Unfortunately, he’s almost as fast as he is strong. Convert this DECEPTICON thug from robot mode to bomber plane vehicle mode and back again. Mechanized auto-conversion features help ease the transition. Vehicle mode features posable cannon turrets and bombs that open to reveal turbolasers! The plane’s rear stabilizers become the robot’s power mace weapon – slam its base to auto convert! Blue, black and metallic deco makes him one sleek DECEPTICON warrior for your collection. We receive both US and Canadian Cases. You will get either English, bilingual or trilingual carded figures based on availability. Please understand this before ordering.