Transformers Beast Hunters 12 Inch Action Figure - Beast Fire Predaking

Transformers,Ultimate Class,Beast Hunters,Transformers Prime,Hasbro

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With the power of the Infernum Blade his to command, Predaking will crush or conquer all who are foolish enough to oppose him even the legendary OPTIMUS PRIME! This incredible Beast Fire Predaking figure is the ultimate Predacon, and hes going to take your TRANSFORMERS adventures to a whole new level. With an enormous 21-inch wingspan and blazing light-up fire breath, hes a beast who scares both his enemies and his allies! His Infernum Blade will make enemy AUTOBOTS think twice before they mess with him, and his dual missile launchers give him firepower even for a long-range attack! Whether hes in dragon mode or robot mode, this Predaking figure is the Predacon to beat all Predacons! Predaking figure has light-up fire breath! 21-inch wingspan! Converts from robot to dragon mode and back. Includes Infernum Blade! Dual missile launchers! Includes figure and accessories.