Transformers 12 Inch Action Figure Masterpiece Series - Sunstorm MP11-S

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Name: Sunstorm MP11-S
Category: Transformers
Series: Masterpiece Series
Manufacturer: Takara
Type: Action Figure
Size: 12 Inch
Packaging: Boxed

Description: This set should include the Coronation kit found on MP-11 Starscream and also feature the Seeker mold modifcations. This version may not come with the collectible coin. MP-11S Masterpiece Sunstorm measures 13� long in jet mode and 10� high in robot mode. Extensively articulated, the figure is equipped with arm-mounted removable guns, and should be accompanied by decals, missile accessories, and a missile-rack display base configured to support both robot and jet modes; presumably this version will include the same switch-between facial expression feature found in Masterpiece Starscream. A flaw in the manufacture of Sunstorm�s fusion reactor provides him with the approximation of a transcendent glow, simultaneously causing him to emit terrific heat and electromagnetic waves which damage the internal systems of any fellow Decepticons within his vicinity. Barring the installation of elaborate shielding to contain his corrosive emissions, Sunstorm frequently works alone, and this solitude ostensibly fuels his conviction that he, Sunstorm, is in fact a supernatural being; when in the presence of others his professed supernatural status and subsequent pontifications only succeed in further alienating his teammates. Sunstorm reaches an atmospheric speed of 2400 km/h and 16000 km/h in outer space.

Safety Warning: This product may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.