Transformers Prime Beast Hunters 6 Inch Action Figure (2013 Wave 1) - Wheeljack (Sub-Standard Packaging)

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Name: Wheeljack
Category: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters
Series: (2013 Wave 1)
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Type: Action Figure
Size: 6 Inch
Packaging: Blister Card

Description: This tough-as-nails outer space adventurer is newly equipped with enhanced beast-hunting gear! Decepticons beware, because this Wheeljack figure is just the Autobot to take any of them on! His beast-hunting gear includes a disc-launching Falcon spear that launches major destruction at the Decepticons! When the battle calls for speed, convert him to sports car mode. Keep converting him back and forth so his Decepticon enemies can�t keep up!

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Safety Warning: This product may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.